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Commission on Democracy and Technology in Europe

Project Background

Chatham House is establishing a Commission on Democracy and Technology in Europe to examine the role of technology both as a driver and as a potential solution to the current crisis of liberal democracy.

This commission will be open and inclusive, engaging a wide community of users to develop a deliberative online research process that can help change the way policy research is conducted. We hope to open up the ‘black box’ of traditional investigative commissions and widen the range of inputs into the research process.

Thus, the process aims to be transparent and to allow users to input more directly into the research than is traditionally the case. We will do this by opening up the phase between the submission of evidence and the publication of the report, working with users to integrate the ideas that have emerged during the submission phase into building blocks for the report.

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Project Team

The project is led by Hans Kundnani from Chatham House.

Guided by the members of the Commission, Chatham House will publish a report in 2019 that will include recommendations of practical ways in which technology can be used to renew and strengthen liberal democracy in Europe – in particular around increasing accountability and transparency.

We are grateful to Janus Friis for supporting the project.

Hans Kundnani Chatham House Hans Kundnani is Senior Research Fellow in the Europe Programme at Chatham House.


The Commission consists of experts on democracy, European politics, and technology, but also invites contributions from others. The names of Commission members are below.


If you would like to know more about this project, check for regular updates, follow us on Twitter or get in touch with the team.

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