Democracy and Technology: Responding to Change

By Anthony Zacharzewski

Anthony Zacharzewski explores the challenges involved in trying to fix democracy in a period when society generally is facing huge upheaval.

Anthony is the founder of the Democratic Society, a non-profit organisation working for greater participation and dialogue in democracy. During the London Conference 2019, we asked him his views on one of our research question: How can democracy in Europe be made more responsive against the background of social and technological change?

His response outlines how technology is able to benefit democratic change in areas such as transparency, accountability, facilitating international conversations, but admits that it is also being used to spread bad information more quickly.

He says that although speed of participation in democracy is a key driver, it is important that the political institutions and systems are also willing to adapt to the new digital age – especially in terms of participatory leadership and regulation.

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Anthony Zacharzewski Founder of the The Democratic Society
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