Is digital technology a transforming society by itself

By krzysztof chrobot

How should we understand these changes?

From the invention of a plow, bow or circle, humanity has changed a little but maybe not that much. It depends on who and for what purposes new technologies will be used.

Why did I start writing from prehistoric times? They murdered people in those times and they murder people in our time. They once cheated and are still doing it now. They once robbed and are also doing it now. Thanks to digital technology, fraudsters can break into bank accounts and steal other people’s money without leaving their home.

Threats are very much related to new technologies but I am an optimist and I think that digital technology allows to gain knowledge about the world, about science, history, other people’s customs, etc.

I think that in the future, digital technology will change our customs to be more peaceful. The Internet is a very short chapter in human history.

Now is a very turbulent period, for example, the so-called hybrid war that is also on the Internet, allows the use of digital technology for disinformation, theft of patent inventions, etc. This is a race for hegemony but digital technologies are also used for human good. For example in medicine, space exploration-astrophysics and many other human activities.

Countries with permanent democratic structures do not have to worry about being dictatorial, worse with countries with poor democracy which are building democracy, they are exposed to the attacks of other bad guys.

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