Real stories get lost with digital technology

By Marie

I believe that digital technology has provided humanity with a dearth of knowledge and information.
This may be perceived as a sense of power and control for the people.
However, it is how this new information age is managed and controlled that reflects the so-called ‘power’.
Yet, according to my mentor Constantin Gurdgiev, technology was supposed to empower the people not control the people.

Up to now it is clear that the logarithms set the agenda of interest and the audience respond.
As with regular old-fashioned media, the big story sells best.
And so, Google, Facebook etc. share the story  and the audience dutifully responds.
Usually, sensationalism, eg. from the USA in the world of entertainment, or controversy in the Middle-East.

The domain has become that of ‘Mediocrity’.
And the ‘real stories’ get lost.
That of ‘struggle for justice and Human rights’ day-to-day struggles of economic survival will not reach the wider audience.

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