Strengthening Democracy By Supporting Grassroots Involvement

By Olasunkanmi Olusogo Olagunju

It is deplorable that democracy is facing its turbulent period due to the passive attitude of the political leaders to grassroots involvement in decision making process. Democracy as defined by Abraham Lincoln is “the government of the people, by the people and for the people”.

It is against this background that I argued that the era of pseudo-democratic societies should be jettisoned for the exigency of a working and inclusive democratic governance in Europe.

The citizens need to be involved in the entire policy process through open and free access to data and information, though protected by strong legislation. The local governments must be engaged as the grassroots vehicle for prolonged development as well as for democratic sustainability.
More hands need to be on deck to solve the social, political and economic problems that sufficed to becloud the root of democracy in Europe. Therefore, the growth of democracy in Europe largely depends on the degree of citizens’ participation and engagement.

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