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  • Kifletsion Mamo Deta

    Technology has transformed the way politics is played and the power and identity of the players. Politics is no more the monopoly of politicians. It has become a “public property”. But technology has also altered the rules and the fields of the game. Politics is nowadays chaotic and politicians not respected anymore for their wisdom and vision.. I think as technology becomes the main venue of politics, more divisions are created and hostilities among groups and citizens deepened.

    Democracy, in the Aristotelian, sense, is sharing of power among the educated i.e. the Executive Branch of Government and the general public as represented by their Parliament. “Technological politics” has blurred this territory by undermining the face -to-face debate between politicians and the electorate. Technological advancement has made politics messy and unpredictable.

    Well, what about Democracy? Not just has democracy been meaningless and outdated but transformed and confusing. It is time to rethink about its definition, rules of the game and structure as well as its essential components.